perm filename PALHDR.2[EAL,HE] blob sn#676493 filedate 1982-09-27 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	(* This file is the header file for the Parser modules. 		*)
C00007 00003	(* datatype definitions *)
C00010 00004	(* statement definitions *)
C00014 00005	(* auxiliary definitions: variable, etc. *)
C00016 00006	(* definition of the ubiquitous NODE record *)
C00022 00007	(* records for parser: ident, token, resword *)
C00026 00008	(* Global variables *)
C00042 ENDMK
(* This file is the header file for the Parser modules. 		*)
(* It consists of definitions in ALHDR, with the type definitions	*)
(* for stuff the parser does not use removed.  Pointers to such removed	*)
(* types have been replaced with the dummy pointer type "dump" (which	*)
(* may be confused with garbage).  The global variable section has	*)
(* not been changed, except to change those pointers whose type no 	*)
(* longer exists, to "dump".						*)


  (* Constants from EDIT; need these for the constants section *)
  maxLines = 28;        (* smaller on the 11 than on the 10 *)
  maxPPLines = 18;
  maxBpts = 25;
  maxTBpts = 20;  	(* max could be exceeded by huge case stmnt *)
  listinglength = 2000; (* Length of Listingarray *)

(* Random type declarations for OMSI/SAIL compatibility *)


  byte = 0..255;	(* doesn't really belong here, but... *)
  ascii = char; 
  atext = text;

{ Define all the pointer types here }

vectorp = ↑vector;
transp = ↑trans;
strngp = ↑strng;
eventp = ↑event;
framep = ↑frame;
statementp = ↑statement;
varidefp = ↑varidef;
nodep = ↑node;
identp = ↑ident;
tokenp = ↑token;
reswordp = ↑resword;

(* This one is used whenever a pointer is needed for which the definition
 	is missing from this file; naturally, all pointers use the same space *)

dump = ↑integer;
cursorp = array[1..4] of integer;	{Since there's an array of these}
(* datatype definitions *)

datatypes = (pconstype, varitype, svaltype, vectype, rottype, transtype,
	     frametype, eventtype, strngtype, labeltype, proctype, arraytype,
	     reftype, valtype, cmontype, nulltype, undeftype,
	     dimensiontype, mactype, macargtype, freevartype);

scalar = real;

u = (used,free);
vector = record case u of
	   used: (refcnt: integer; val: array [1..3] of real);
	   free: (next: vectorp);

trans = record case u of
	   used: (refcnt: integer; val: array [1..3,1..4] of real);
	   free: (next: transp);

cstring = packed array [1..10] of ascii;
c4str = packed array [1..4] of ascii;
c5str = packed array [1..5] of ascii;
c20str = packed array [1..20] of ascii;
linestr = packed array [1..130] of ascii;

strng = record
	  next: strngp;
	  ch: cstring;

event = record
	  next: eventp;		(* all events are on one big list *)
	  count: integer;
	  waitlist: dump;

frame = record
	  vari: varidefp;	(* back pointer to variable name & info *)
	  calcs: nodep;		(* affixment info *)
	  case ftype: boolean of	(* frame = true, device = false *)
  true:	    (valid: integer; val, fdepr: transp; dcntr: integer; dev: framep);
  false:    (mech: integer; case sdev: boolean of
		true: (sdest: real); false: (tdest,appr,depr: transp));
		(* sdev = true for scalar devices, false for frames *)

(* statement definitions *)

stmntypes = (progtype, blocktype, coblocktype, endtype, coendtype,
		fortype, iftype, whiletype, untiltype, casetype,
		calltype, returntype,
		printtype, prompttype, pausetype, aborttype, assigntype,
		signaltype, waittype, enabletype, disabletype, cmtype,
		affixtype, unfixtype,
		movetype, operatetype, opentype, closetype, centertype,
		stoptype, retrytype,
		requiretype, definetype, macrotype, commenttype, dimdeftype,
		setbasetype, wristtype, tovaltype, declaretype, emptytype);
		(* more??? *)

statement = packed record
		next, last: statementp; (* ↑ to lexical tokens? *)
		stlab: varidefp;
		exprs: nodep;	(* any expressions used by this statement *)
		nlines: integer;
		bpt: boolean;
		case stype: stmntypes of

    progtype:	    (pcode: statementp; errors: integer);
    coendtype:	    (bcode, bparent: statementp; blkid: identp;
			level, numvars: 0..255; variables: varidefp);
    coblocktype:    (threads: nodep; nthreads: integer; cblkid: identp);
    fortype:	    (forvar, initial, step, final: nodep; fbody: statementp);
    untiltype:	    (cond: nodep; body: statementp);
    casetype:	    (index: nodep; range, ncases: integer; caselist: nodep);
    iftype:	    (icond: nodep; thn, els: statementp);
    pausetype:	    (ptime: nodep);
    aborttype:	    (plist: nodep; debugLev: integer);
    returntype:	    (retval, rproc: nodep);
    assigntype:     (what, aval: nodep);
    unfixtype:	    (frame1, frame2, byvar, atexp: nodep; rigid: boolean);
    waittype:	    (event: nodep);
    stoptype:	    (cf, clauses: nodep);
    retrytype:	    (rcode, rparent: statementp; olevel: integer);
    cmtype:	    (oncond: nodep; conclusion: statementp;
			deferCm, exprCm: boolean; cdef: varidefp);
    disabletype:    (cmonlab: varidefp);
    requiretype:    (rfil: boolean; rfils: strngp; rfilen: integer);
    definetype:	    (macname,mpars: varidefp; macdef: tokenp);
    commenttype:    (len: integer; str: strngp; cbody: statementp);
    dimdeftype:	    (dimname: varidefp; dimexpr: nodep);
    wristtype:	    (fvec, tvec: nodep);
    tovaltype:	    (vstr: strngp; vlen: integer; waitp: boolean);

(* auxiliary definitions: variable, etc. *)

varidef = packed record
	    next,dnext: varidefp;
	    name: identp;
	    level: 0..255;	(* environment level *)
	    offset: 0..255;	(* environment offset *)
	    dtype: varidefp;	(* to hold the dimension info *)
	    tbits: 0..15;  (* special type bits: array = 1, proc = 2, ref = 4 & ? *)
	    dbits: 0..15;	(* for use by debugger/interpreter *)
	    case vtype: datatypes of
  arraytype:  (a: nodep);
  proctype:   (p: nodep);
  cmontype:   (s: statementp);
  mactype:    (mdef: statementp);
  macargtype: (marg: tokenp);
  pconstype:  (c: nodep);
  dimensiontype: (dim: nodep);

(* definition of the ubiquitous NODE record *)

nodetypes = (exprnode, leafnode, listnode, clistnode, colistnode, forvalnode,
		deprnode, viaptnode, apprnode, destnode, durnode,
		sfacnode, wobblenode, swtnode, nullingnode, wristnode, cwnode,
		arrivalnode, departingnode,
		ffnode, forcenode, stiffnode, gathernode, cmonnode, errornode,
		calcnode, arraydefnode, bnddefnode, bndvalnode,
		waitlistnode, procdefnode, tlistnode, dimnode, commentnode);

exprtypes =  (	svalop,					(* scalar operators *)
		sltop, sleop, seqop, sgeop, sgtop, sneop,	(* relations *)
		notop, orop, xorop, andop, eqvop,		(* logical *)
		saddop, ssubop, smulop, sdivop, snegop, sabsop, (* scalar ops *)
		sexpop, maxop, minop, intop, idivop, modop,
		sqrtop, logop, expop, timeop,			(* functions *)
		sinop, cosop, tanop, asinop, acosop, atan2op,	(* trig *)
		vdotop, vmagnop, tmagnop,
		vecop,					(* vector operators *)
		vmakeop, unitvop, vaddop, vsubop, crossvop, vnegop,
		svmulop, vsmulop, vsdivop, tvmulop, wrtop,
		tposop, taxisop,
		transop,				(* trans operators *)
		tmakeop, torientop, ttmulop, tvaddop, tvsubop, tinvrtop,
		vsaxwrop, constrop, ftofop, deproachop, fmakeop, vmkfrcop,
		ioop,					(* i/o operators *)
		queryop, inscalarop,
		specop,					(* special operators *)
		arefop, callop, grinchop, macroop, vmop, adcop, dacop,
		addop, subop, negop, mulop, divop, absop); (* for parsing *)

leaftypes = pconstype..strngtype;

reltypes = sltop..sgtop;
forcetypes = (force,absforce,torque,abstorque,angvelocity);

node = record
	next: nodep;
	case ntype: nodetypes of
    exprnode:	(op: exprtypes; arg1, arg2, arg3: nodep; elength: integer);
    leafnode:	(case ltype: leaftypes of
	varitype:  (vari: varidefp; vid: identp);
	pconstype: (cname: varidefp; pcval: nodep);
	svaltype:  (s: scalar; wid: integer);
	vectype:   (v: vectorp);
	transtype: (t: transp);
	strngtype: (length: integer; str: strngp) ); (* also used by commentnodes *)
    listnode:	(lval: nodep);
    clistnode:	(cval: integer; stmnt: statementp; clast: nodep);
    colistnode:	(prev: nodep; cstmnt: statementp);
    forvalnode:	(fvar: dump; fstep: scalar);	{dummy}
    arrivalnode:(evar: varidefp);
    destnode:	(loc: nodep; code: statementp);
    viaptnode:	(vlist: boolean; via,duration,velocity: nodep; vcode: statementp);
    durnode:	(durrel: reltypes; durval: nodep);
    swtnode:	(clval: nodep);
    cwnode:	(notp: boolean); (* true = nonulling/zero wrist/counter_clockwise *)
    ffnode:	(ff: nodep; csys, pdef: boolean); (* true = world, false = hand *)
    forcenode:	(ftype: forcetypes; frel: reltypes; fval, fvec, fframe: nodep);
    stiffnode:	(fv, mv, coc: nodep);
    gathernode:	(gbits: integer);
    cmonnode:	(cmon: statementp; errhandlerp: boolean);
    errornode:	(eexpr: nodep);
    calcnode: 	(rigid, frame1: boolean; other: framep; case tvarp: boolean of 
		    false: (tval: transp); true: (tvar: dump) );	{dummy}
    arraydefnode: (numdims: 1..10; bounds: nodep; combnds: boolean);
    bnddefnode:	(lower, upper: nodep);
    bndvalnode:	(lb, ub, mult: integer);
    waitlistnode: (who: dump; when: integer);
    procdefnode:(ptype: datatypes; level: 0..255;
		    pname, paramlist: varidefp; body: statementp);
    tlistnode:	(tok: tokenp);
    dimnode:	(time, distance, angle, dforce: integer);

(* records for parser: ident, token, resword *)

ident = record
	    next: identp;
	    length: integer;
	    name: strngp;
	    predefined: varidefp;

tokentypes = (reswdtype, identtype, constype, comnttype, delimtype, labeldeftype,

constypes = svaltype..strngtype;

reswdtypes = (stmnttype, filtype, clsetype, decltype, optype, edittype);

filtypes = (abouttype,alongtype,attype,bytype,defertype,dotype,elsetype,

clsetypes = (approachtype,arrivaltype,departuretype,departingtype,durationtype,

edittypes = (getcmd,savecmd,insertcmd,renamecmd,startcmd,gocmd,proceedcmd,

token = record
	  next: tokenp;
	  case ttype: tokentypes of
constype:   (cons: nodep);
comnttype:  (len: integer; str: strngp);
delimtype:  (ch: ascii);
reswdtype:  (case rtype: reswdtypes of
	stmnttype: (stmnt: stmntypes);
	filtype:   (filler: filtypes);
	clsetype:  (clause: clsetypes);
	decltype:  (decl: datatypes);
	optype:	   (op: exprtypes);
	edittype:  (ed: edittypes) );
identtype:  (id: identp);
labeldeftype: (lab: varidefp);
macpartype: (mpar: varidefp);

resword = record
	  next: reswordp;
	  length: integer;
	  name: strngp;
	  case rtype: reswdtypes of
	stmnttype:  (stmnt: stmntypes);
	filtype:    (filler: filtypes);
	clsetype:   (clause: clsetypes);
	decltype:   (decl: datatypes);
	optype:	    (op: exprtypes);
	edittype:  (ed: edittypes);

(* Global variables *)

	(* From ALMAIN *)
    ltime: real;

	(* From PARSE *)
    reswords: array [0..26] of reswordp;
    idents: array [0..26] of identp;
    macrostack: array [1..10] of tokenp;
    curmacstack: array [1..10] of varidefp;
    macrodepth: integer;
    curchar, maxchar, curline: integer;
    curBlock,newDeclarations: statementp;
    curProc: varidefp;
    pnode: nodep;
    nodim, distancedim, timedim, angledim,
      forcedim, torquedim, veldim, angveldim: varidefp;
    fvstiffdim, mvstiffdim: nodep;
    filedepth: integer;
    curpage: integer;
    sysVars,unVars: varidefp;
    errcount: integer;
    outerBlock: statementp;
    curVariable: varidefp;
    curMotion: statementp;
    endOk,coendOk: integer;
    moveLevel: integer;
    curErrhandler, curCmon: statementp;
    endOfLine, backup, expandmacros, flushcomments, dimCheck: boolean;
    semiseen, shownline: boolean;
    eofError: boolean;
    inMove,inCoblock: boolean;
    curtoken: token;
    file1,file2,file3,file4,file5: atext;
    line: linestr;

	(* From INTERP *)
(*  curInt, activeInts, readQueue, allPdbs: pdbp;
    curEnv, sysEnv: envheaderp;
    clkQueue: nodep;
    allEvents: eventp;
    STLevel: integer;	
    etime: integer;	
    curtime: integer; 	
    stime: integer;	
    msg: messagep;	
    inputp: integer;	
    debugLevel: integer;	*)
    d1: array[1..15] of dump;
    tSingleThreadMode: boolean;
    resched, running, escapeI, singleThreadMode: boolean;
    msgp: boolean;		(* flag set if any messages pending *)
    inputReady: boolean;
    inputLine: array [1..20] of ascii;

	(* From EDIT *)
    lines: array [1..maxLines] of dump; (* what's on the screen + some *)
    ppLines: array [1..maxPPLines] of dump;	(* for page printer *)
    marks: array [1..20] of integer;
    cursorStack: array [1..15] of cursorp;
    bpts: array [1..maxBpts] of statementp;
    tbpts: array [1..maxTBpts] of statementp;
    debugPdbs: array [0..10] of dump;
    screenheight,dispHeight: integer;
    ppBufp,oppBufp,ppOffset,ppSize,nmarks: integer;
    lbufp,cursor,ocur,cursorLine,fieldnum,lineNum,findLine,pcLine: integer;
    firstDline,topDline,botDline,firstLine,lastLine: integer;
    freeLines,oldLines: dump;
    findStmnt: statementp;
    nbpts,ntbpts: integer;
    eCurInt: dump;
    dProg: statementp;
    smartTerminal: boolean; (* true = insert/delete, false = redraw line *)
    setUp,setExpr,setCursor,dontPrint,outFilep,newVarOk,collect: boolean;
    eBackup: boolean;			(* 		ditto		   *)
    eSingleThreadMode: boolean;		(* 		ditto 		   *)
    listing: packed array [0..listinglength] of ascii;
    lbuf: array [1..160] of ascii;
    ppBuf: array [1..100] of ascii;
    outFile: atext;
    eCurToken: token;			(* *** Edit needs its own copy *** *)

	(* Various device & variable pointers *)
    speedfactor: dump;
    barm: framep;

	(* Various constant pointers *)
    xhat,yhat,zhat,nilvect: vectorp;
    niltrans: transp;
    bpark, ypark, gpark, rpark: transp;		(* arm park positions *)