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COMPUTER SCIENCE 206                                        FALL 1970


1. Basic LISP.
	a. S-expressions, lists, and the representation of
symbolic expressions in the machine.
	b. The basic functions of LISP, conditional
expressions, and recursive functions, functional
m-expression notation,
	c. Examples and exercises.

2. Applications of basic LISP.
	a. Operations on sets.
	b. Tree search and path optimization.
		i. Directed and undirected graphs, have we
been here before, the block puzzle, pre-existing and generated
as we go graphs,
	c. Operations on algebraic expressions.
	d. Canonical forms.
	d. Examples and exercises.

3. The LISP 1.5 system.
	a. The program feature.
	b. The compiler.
	c. Numbers.
	d. Arrays.
	e. I-O.
	f. Good LISP programming. Depth of recursion,
iteration and recursion,

4. Syntax directed computation and input-output.
	a. An elementary syntax directed system.
		i. Use of the system.
		ii. Construction of the system.
		iii. Variants of the system.
	b. Quam I-O.
	c. Advanced syntax directed systems.
	d. Examples and exercises.

5. Computation with Algebraic expressions.
	a. Differentiation.
	b. Equation solver.
	c. Operations with symbolic matrices, power series,
differential equations, integrals.
	f. Possible projects.

6. Introduction to theory of computation.
	a. The universal function.
	b. Undecidable problems.
	c. Transformation of conditional expressions.
	e. Recursion induction.
	f. Abstract syntax.
	g. Research problems.

7. The LISP system on the PDP-10.
	a. Representation of information.
	b. Coding conventions.
	c. The I-O system.
	d. The compiler.
	e. Directions for improvements.
	f. LAP.
	g. Garbage collection.

8. Optimal compiling.
	a. A compiler for arithmetic expressions.
	b. Optimizing arithmetic expressions.
	c. Compiling Boolean and conditional expressions.
	d. Compiling LISP recursive functions.
	e. A LISP machine?

9. More applications.
	a. Tree search - impure
	b. Game playing.