perm filename OTLSER[3,2] blob sn#397746 filedate 1978-11-23 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
     If you were told to type HELP OTLSER, you have reached SAIL
via the old protocol TELNET server.  This server, while using
modern technology, runs an obsolete protocol.  The new version of
the NCP (Network Control Program; the network service routines in
the monitor) will incorporate TELNET service and replace TELSER.

     It is my intention not to support the old TELNET protocol in
this new network service.  I need to know what users still use
old TELNET, and why.  Regardless of how Tenex may or may not work
with new TELNET, new TELNET is the preferred protocol on this

     If your site only has an old protocol user TELNET, you should
consult with your systems staff to find out what plans exist to
implement or convert to new TELNET.

     Please direct your comments to Mark Crispin either by network
mail at MRC@SU-AI or by U.S. Mail at:

	Mark Crispin
	Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
	Stanford, CA  94022