perm filename ORDER.FRM[BIB,CSR]6 blob sn#512171 filedate 1980-05-23 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	Report Order Form Number 8
C00005 ENDMK
Report Order Form Number 8

	To order reports, or to change you mailing address, check off the reports
you want and return this ENTIRE form (INCLUDING THE MAILING LABEL) to the Stanford 
Department of Computer Science by 

	Please do NOT send any money with your order.  Wait until you receive an
invoice (which will be enclosed with the reports when they are sent).

___ 1. PVG-16 Hardcopy $2.25    	___ 2. PVG-16 Microfiche (Free)    
___ 3. STAN-CS-80-790 Hardcopy $3.85	___ 4. STAN-CS-80-790 Microfiche (Free)    
___ 5. STAN-CS-80-791 Hardcopy $8.65    ___ 6. STAN-CS-80-791 Microfiche (Free)    
___ 7. STAN-CS-80-792 Hardcopy $3.70	___ 8. STAN-CS-80-792 Microfiche (Free)    
					___ A. HPP-80-3 Microfiche (Free)    
___ B. HPP-80-4 Hardcopy $X.XX		___ C. HPP-80-4 Microfiche (Free)    
___ D. STAN-CS-80-795 Hardcopy $2.65	___ E. STAN-CS-80-795 Microfiche (Free)    
___ F. AIM-335 Hardcopy $2.65		___ G. AIM-335 Microfiche (Free) 
___ H. STAN-CS-80-797 Hardcopy $2.40	___ I. STAN-CS-80-797 Microfiche (Free) 
___ J. STAN-CS-80-798 Hardcopy $2.50	___ K. STAN-CS-80-798 Microfiche (Free) 
					___ M. STAN-CS-80-799 Microfiche (Free) 
___ N. STAN-CS-80-800 Hardcopy $2.00	___ O. STAN-CS-80-800 Microfiche (Free)

		_____  Check here if you do not want your name and
		address given out to other academic institutions 
		and professional societies.

To return this form to us; simply fold it so that our address (on the other
side of this sheet) shows, staple, afix the appropriate postage, and mail.