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C00003 00003	\CReport Day Today
C00009 00004	\F0\CInventory Sheet
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\CReport Day Today
\F1\CTuesday, May 6

\F2\JYou are welcome to take any reports you need, but please try to limit
yourself.  Be reasonable about taking multiple copies.  Remember, there are
others who will want that report too.  The reports on the table are the new
ones.  You are also welcome to take any of the back issues from the shelves
that you missed getting the last time around (subject to availability, of
course).  The only paperwork involved is that we ask you to please write down
the last 3 digits of the CS report number on the clipboard
so we can update the inventory at the end of the day.\.

\RThank you for your cooperation.\.

\F1\CCurrent Reports
\F2\C(H = hardcopy & F = microfiche)

\JSTAN-CS-79-760,  R.  L.  Graham,  A. C.  Yao  and  F.  F.  Yao, "Some
Monotonicity Properties of Partial Orders", 21 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-761,  Douglas   B.  West,  "Gossiping   Without  Duplicate
Transmissions", 7 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-762 (AIM-332),  Donald E. Knuth,  "METAFONT, a  system for
alphabet design", 110 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-763  (AD-A076 876),  Douglas B.  West, "A  Symmetric Chain
Decomposition of L(4,n)", 15 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-764, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, "On the Time-Space  Tradeoff for
Sorting with Linear Queries", 33 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-765, Peter Gacs, "Relation Between the Complexity  and the
Probability of Large Numbers", 8 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-766  (SU326  P30-69),  J.  Kautsky  and  N.   K.  Nichols,
"Equidistributing Meshes with Constraints", 27 pages, September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-767,  Charles  Van  Loan,  "On  Stewart's  Singular  Value
Decomposition  for   Partitioned  Orthogonal  Matrices",   17  pages,
September 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-769,  William John  Clancey (Thesis),  "Transfer  of Rule-
Based Expertise  Through a Tutorial  Dialogue", 462  pages, September
1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-770 (PVG-13), Derek C. Oppen, "Pretty Printing", 20  pages, October
1979. (H)

STAN-CS-79-771 (HPP-79-29),  Peter E. Friedland  (Thesis), "Knowldge-
Based  Experiment Design  in Molecular  Genetics", 137  pages, August
1979. (H)

STAN-CS-79-772   (AIM-333),  Brian  P.  McCune   (Thesis),  "Building
Program Models Incrementally from Informal Descriptions",  146 pages,
October 1979.  (H)

STAN-CS-79-773 (AD-A083 170), Tony F.  Chan, Gene H.  Golub and Randal  J. LeVeque,
"Updating  Formulae and  a  Pairwise Algorithm  for  Computing Sample
Variances", 19 pages, November 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-774, Gene  H. Golub and  Robert J. Plemmons,  "Large Scale
Geodetic  Least  Squares  Adjustment  by  Dissection  and  Orthogonal
Decomposition", 33 pages, November 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-775, Persi  Diaconis and Ronald  Graham, "The  Analysis of
Sequential Experiments with Feedback to Subjects", 48 pages, November
1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-776  (This paper  supersedes STAN-CS-79-750  by  Lovas and
Gacs),  Bengt  Aspvall  and  Richard  E.  Stone,  "Khachiyan's Linear
Programming Algorithm", 13 pages, November 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-777 (AD-A083 176), R.L.  Graham and N.J.A.  Sloane, "On  Constant Weight
Codes and Harmonious Graphs", 17 pages, December 1979. (H&F)

STAN-CS-79-778,  David  Elliot  Shaw,  "A   Hierarchical  Associative
Architecture  for  the Parallel  Evaluation  of  Relational Algebraic
Database Primitives", 56 pages, October 1979. (H&F)\.

\Cmore to come later this month
\F0\CInventory Sheet
\F1\JWrite down the last 3 digits of the CS number of the report(s) you are