perm filename NIL.RPG[3,2] blob sn#553409 filedate 1981-01-03 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002		Over the next few months SAIL will start running more
C00004 ENDMK
	Over the next few months SAIL will start running more
standard MIT style MacLisp software, starting with MacLisps
with version numbers ā‰„ 2062. This includes their extensive macro packages
which attempt to imitate the behavior of NIL, which is a large address
space LISP, similar to Lisp Machine LISP. We hope to become one of
the test sites for NIL on the VAXs, which means that compatability with
that with our MacLisp programming will foster the move to NIL later
	As the months pass, these packages and documentation will
be announced, though most of it exists on SAIL at the moment.
I strongly suggest that you try to get your systems running in XLISP
and XPLSP because they will very soon become the default and THERE
ARE DIFFERENCES. One of the differences is CATCH/THROW; another is
that we will be using their SELECTQ, IF, and CASEQ macros rather than
our own.
	I will be glad to help anyone who needs help converting to
do so, but remember, I may be leaving as soon as March, and the change
will happen before that.