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What to do if your network connection suddenly closes on you:

Make sure it is nothing having to do with your local host.  I
can't be responsible if somebody else's computer crashes!

Also, note that it is a feature that if you are idle for over
a minute and not logged in that the system will close the
connection automatically unless you are in a TALK ring.

Try to reconnect.  If you can't, then we probably crashed.
If you can, do the monitor command
	TI 0
to see if the system was just reloaded (the uptime will be a
small quantity) or if the system had a non-fatal crash (the
pause time will be close to the current time).

If it looks like the system didn't crash, try to contact
Mark Crispin (MRC) immediately.  If necessary, call him at
home at (415) 941-1096.  Have the following information

[1] did your job survive the disconnection?  If it did, was
    it detached, or on a PTY?  You can determine this by
    doing the monitor command
    where pn is your programmer name.

[2] if it was on a PTY, did it have a PTY controller (FINGER
    will say a network site) or is it an ORPHAN (FINGER will
    say so).

[3] what network host are you coming from?