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     The Arpanet Network Control Program (NCP) is implemented as an
IMP: device on this system.  I/O programming for the IMP is described
in the UUO manual, UUO.ME[S,DOC] and UUO.UPD[S,DOC].  The UUO.UPD file
contains many important incompatable changes and must be read.

     A summary of user programming for the IMP along with wizard
documentation can be found in IMPSER.DOC[SS,SYS].

     The recommended method of programming for the Arpanet is to use
the NETWRK package, available in FAIL as NETWRK.FAI[SUB,SYS] and in
MIDAS as NETWRK.MID[NET,MRC].  These packages are essentially black
box routines, and will reflect the current state of the system and
host table.  Their calling sequences are documented in the source

     While reasonable attempts are made to avoid incompatable changes,
the system UUO's are subject to change as obsolete network operations
are deleted or rewritten and new ones are added.  In other words, use

     For network documentation information type HELP NETDOC.