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NETGRF is an experimental TELNET/NGP server.  It will support several
users  (as  opposed  to  regular  server, which uses one job slot per
user), and handles  a  subset  of  Sproull's  NGP  (Network  Graphics
Protocol).   One  uses  it  in  the  same  way as the ordinary TELNET
server, except that socket  197  (305  octal)  is  used  for  initial
connection  protocol.   At the current time, only new TELNET protocol
is supported.  Thus under TENEX, type:


If your TELNET program supports NGP transformed  format,  a  greeting
should  appear on your screen.  As of now, few graphics programs have
been interfaced to  NGP; if  you want  to experiment,  you could  try
GEOMED (Baumgart's Geometric  Modeling program)  or NEWMUS  (Stanford
Music Compiler).

Please let me know the first time you use NETGRF by typing:

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, or you want more
information, use the above procedure.  If you need  documentation  on
NGP, you can send a note to SPROULL@PARC-MAXC.