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(Much network information is available from the Network Information Center
at SRI-NIC.  Please consult the network liaison, Mark Crispin (MRC), for
more information about the network or the resources available to you at
the NIC.)

A large library of source and documentation files about the network, NOT
including the host table, live on the [S,NET] directory.  Even more
hardcopy documentation is available in the bookshelf in MRC's office for
the general SAIL community (please ask MRC before borrowing anything).
The host table files can be found on [HST,NET].  The NETWRK library of
network subroutines can be found in NETWRK.FAI[SUB,SYS].

Some interesting files are:

HOSTS.TXT[HST,NET]	The source of the host table

SUAI.TXT[S,NET]		Our write-up in the Arpanet Resource Handbook.

Most of the network user-level documentation is contained in the Monitor
Command Manual, whose online version can be found by giving the monitor
command READ MonCom<cr>.

     Large online directories of network documetation exist at

     Type HELP NETWRK for information on programming for the network.