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     Much of this information is available from the Network
Information Center (NIC) at SRI.  Please consult the network liaison,
Mark Crispin (MRC), for more information about the network or the
resources available to you at the NIC.

     A large library of source and documentation files about the
network, including the host table, live on the [NET,MRC] directory.
Even more hardcopy documentation is available in the bookshelf in
MRC's office for the general SAIL community (please ask MRC before
borrowing anything).

Some of these files are:

ARPA.DIR[NET,MRC]	The Arpanet users from SU-AI who are listed
			in the Arpanet directory

ARPAWO.CKY[NET,MRC]	Type it and see

HOSTS.TXT[NET,MRC]	The source of the host table

PROTOC.TAB[NET,MRC]	A list of hosts and the protocols they
			allegedly support.  A pack of lies if there
			ever was one.

SUAI.TXT[NET,MRC]	Our write-up in the Arpanet Resource Handbook.

SUPDUP.DOC[NET,MRC]	Document of the SUPDUP protocol.

SUTIP.TXT[NET,MRC]	The TIP's resource handbook writeup.

     Other files are on [UP,DOC], such as DFTP, FTP, MAIL, MARS,
SUPDUP, and TELNET, with any extension (usually the programmer name
of the person who wrote the documentation file).

     Large online directories of network documetation exist at

     Type HELP NETWRK for information on programming for the network.