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00300	A Bridgeport mill with 2 axis p-p control is $15500.
00400	This includes ball screws on two axes and chromed ways.  Slo-syn
00500	type stepping motor control and a paper tape reader controller.
00600	For $22000 one gets 3 axes.  Included in all machines is a quill
00700	feeder which moves quill down to fixed stops.
00900		The Kondia  mill is about the same, but can be
01000	had with continuous path control.  3 axes costs about 22k, this
01100	also has d.c. motors and encoder feedback.  Bare machine costs
01200	are- Kondia $3900 , with 3 axes ball screws- $6250.  A spindle
01300	wizard, or equiv. (made by Superior Electric or Autonumerics) 
01400	costs $1700 and gives a choice of up to 10 different quill heights,
01500	all manually setup, but tape selected.  
01700		Motor info.  Slo-Syn motors model 112 -$198 ea.  Model 113
01800	is $338 ea.  they both have about 640 in oz milling torque, and
01900	a 300 feed or slew torque.  motor mount kit for two axes costs 
02000	about $300 and includes brackets and couplers- which are universal
02100	joint type of devices, I think they are the spring coupling
02200	type of device.  Other numbers are. a p-p slosyn controller with paper tape
02300	reader costs $5000 while a contouring controller for slosyns costs
02400	$10000 for 2 axes incl. paper tape reader.