perm filename NANCY1.PL[1,VDS] blob sn#161495 filedate 1975-06-01 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002							3689 South Court
C00005 ENDMK
						3689 South Court
						Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
					 	June 1, 1975

Dear Nancy:

	I was good seeing  you in Aptos last week.   I really enjoyed
my  afternoon and evening together  with you.  Although  I felt a bit
tense at the  beginning, I really  did feel relaxed  and warm by  the
time I  left.  I sensed  that you felt good  too.  It was  nice to be
able  to talk  seriously without  feelings of  guilt or  hostility or
hidden emotions clouding the  conversation.  The good  feeling lasted
all this week.  I even  worked better and relaxed more as a result of
our discussion.  
	I still have not set an exact date for my trip East.  But  it
looks like I will go  to Washington next Monday- June 9,  and will be
back around  June 20 or so.   I cant remember  what your schedule is,
but I  would be  happy  to arrange  my trip  down the  Stanislaus  to
accomodate you should you desire to come along. 

	I believe I left  my day pack with the bicycle  lock in it at
your  place.   I only  realized this  today, and although  your phone
still rings at your old  address, I am assuming that you  have indeed
left for the summer.  

	We just  had a  slide show over  at Les Earnest's  house, and
Dave and Janet Smith asked about  you.  Apparantly they remember  you
well from the Ski Tour  trip and a couple of others,  including one I
wasnt  on.  Dave just  finished his PhD and  they are leaving shortly
for the Canadian Rockies- Jasper and Banff Natl. Parks.  

	I heard from Craig.   He is fine, and  says hello to you.   I
will drop by and see him while I am in the East. 

	Write, and  let me  know your summer  interest, maybe  we can
find a  mesh- rafting, or maybe a camping trip, or even a canoe trip,
or whatever.