perm filename MUMPH[S,AIL] blob sn#089957 filedate 1974-03-06 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	!!@#!! ETV did me in royally just now. I was innocently working
00200	on a new program.  After noticing that the first page was getting
00300	a bit big (about 5 screens full), I decided to put some page marks.
00400	Unfortunately, <ctrl><meta>x m caused it to take throw away all
00500	of the text destined to be part of the second page & replace it
00600	with that text I had wanted left as the first page , thus causing
00700	most of the work to be lost.  The corpse is file "LINEAR.SAI[THE,RHT]".
00800					Thanks
00900					Russ