perm filename MSGLOG[S,AIL]1 blob sn#012695 filedate 1972-11-17 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00200	I fixed up the file of this morning's message (but still have a listing
00300	in case you want to see it) but it still "DRYROTS".  The file is
00400	TRY.SAI[G,MJC].  Is there something special I should know about for-stmts?
00500						Mike Clancy
00700	17-NOV-72  1742		G,MJC
00800	A program which I wrote to try to learn a few things (namely SAIL and the
00900	Quam display routines) uncovered a "DRYROT" error.  The program is 
01000	TRY.SAI[G,MJC], and the error occurred in line 2600.  Any suggestions?
01100						Mike Clancy