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MLISP2 is a powerful AI language based on LISP/MLISP.  Capabilities
include backtracking, pattern-matching, and list-processing.  It is
described in AI MEMO 195 (available online as MLISP2.DAV[AIM,DOC]).
It is maintained by Dave Smith.

To translate an MLISP2 program, type
	.R MLISP2 <core_size>
	*(PARSE <source_file>)

To translate an MLISP2 program and print out its LISP translation, type
	.R MLISP2.PRI <core_size>
	*(PARSE <source_file> <destination_file>)
	*(PARSE <source_file> <destination_file> NIL)
The second alternative makes MLISP2 act like a compiler-compiler;
namely, it translates and prints without executing the translation.

To use MLISP2 (rather than LISP) as the top level, type
	.R MLISP2 <core_size>
Exit from this mode by typing _EOF_