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MLISP is a meta-notation for LISP.  It makes LISP programs easier
to write and understand.  MLISP is maintained by Dave Smith and
is described in AI memo AIM-135 (CS-179), available online as

To interactively translate and execute MLISP expressions, type
	*<expression> ; <expression> ; ...

To translate and execute an MLISP program on a file, type
	*(MLISP <filename>)

To translate an MLISP program and print out its LISP translation, type
	*(MLISP  <filename>  NIL)

To translate an MLISP program and compile it to LAP, type
	*(MLISP  <filename>  T)

A version of MLISP using UCI LISP exists.  Type "R MLISP.UCI" instead of
"R MLISP" or "R MLISPC".  However the UCI MLISP does not contain the UCI
compiler, so programs to be compiled must first be translated to LISP
and then compiled as usual.