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MLISP is a meta-notation for LISP.  It is described in AI memo AIM-135
(CS-179) and is maintained by Dave Smith.  The memo is available online

To translate and execute an MLISP program, type
	*(MLISP  <filename>)

To translate an MLISP program and print out its LISP translation, type
	*(MLISP  <filename>  NIL)

To translate an MLISP program and compile it to LAP, type
	*(MLISP  <filename>  T)

MLISP has a top level that lets you type m-expressions instead of
s-expressions.  To enter this MREAD-EVAL-PRINT loop (instead of the
standard READ-EVAL-PRINT) type (MEVAL).  Exit from the loop by typing
π (PI).