perm filename MIT[1,VDS] blob sn#049777 filedate 1973-06-18 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						Artificial Intelligence Lab.
00200						Computer Science Dept.
00300						Stanford University
00400						Stanford, ca. 94305
00450						June 15, 1973
00600	Mr. George Wallace
00700	Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
00800	545 Technology Square
00900	Cambridge, Mass.  02139
01100	Dear George:
01300		Well, at  long  last  I've  finished  the  drawings  for  the
01400	"M.I.T." arm. They are enclosed!!!!!   Here are the instructions that
01500	go with them.
01700		Set Number One:  You keep these as they are a reserve set  in
01800	case  one of the shops needs another copy.  Every drawing is included
01900	in this set with the proper quantity called out to enable manufacture
02000	of one arm.
02200		Set  Number  Two:   You send out these drawings to the proper
02300	vendors.    As you may remember, I decided to try Haverhill Tool Co.,
02400	Haverhill,  Mass.   Attn.  Bill Tufts.  Call him on the phone, and he
02500	will probably come by to pick the drawings  up.    I've  phoned  them
02600	several times in the past few months to let them know just how things
02700	are going.    Now, they dont get all the  drawings-  several  of  the
02800	smaller  and  simpler  parts  and  assemblies  will  be  made here at
02900	Stanford.    Also, you will note that a few drawings are destined for
03000	the  Bendon Gear Company- Randolph, Mass.   Attn.   Mr.    Belazos (I
03100	think thats how he spells it).  Call them both up and remind them  of
03200	their  original  quotes-  the Haverhill quote is enclosed, but Bendon
03300	Gear only gave a phone quote- In any case, they both will reserve the
03400	right to change their quotes a bit, as I have made changes to most of
03500	the drawings.   In very few cases should these new prices be  higher.
03600	Generally,  I have simplified the design which should result in lower
03700	costs rather than higher prices.   There are also  a  couple  of  new
03800	drawings  which were never quoted on.   As for delivery.   You should
03900	be able to get most of the parts back from the vendors  in  4  weeks.
04000	Try  to  get  partial shipments if they will do that.  That way I can
04100	start the assembly sooner.    In the meantime, I will  have  all  the
04200	smaller  assemblies  made  here.    Oh  yes,  you will note that I am
04300	requesting at least a double order of everything.   This is because I
04400	will  build  two  arms to start with, and when the bugs are all out I
04500	will have more built.    In a few cases,  you  may  note  that  I  am
04600	ordering  a  quantity  for  10 arms.  This is because there are great
04700	cost savings involved-related to gear teeth cutting setup charges.
04900		Now, I have not yet ordered the  purchased  parts,  but  have
05000	talked to all the vendors involved. To save things like sales tax, it
05100	may be best for you to order the parts.  I will send you a parts list
05200	and  ordering instructions in a few days. There is only one long lead
05300	time item-the small motors in the wrist.  But, we have  a  couple  of
05400	spare  motors  here at Stanford which I will use for the first arm to
05500	speed delivery.
05700		You'd better  show  this  letter  and  its  contents  to  Pat
05800	Winston.   I  know  he  is  getting  a bit excited- I am too for that
05900	matter.   I've been swamped with  all  sorts  of  random  work  since
06000	returning  here  in December and as such the M.I.T. Arm has taken too
06100	much of a back seat to other projects. Starting June 1, I went on 80%
06200	time.   Thus  I now have at least the equivalent of one day a week to
06300	spend on these outside arms.
06500		Oh yes, one more thing.  To protect myself a bit, I started a
06600	company  to put these arms together.  The name is VICARM.   This way,
06700	if there just happens to be some patent infringement, I wont loose my
06800	shirt.
07000		I'll  call  you  in  a  couple  of days to see how things are
07100	going...that's if you or Pat don't call me sooner.
07500							Sincerely,
07900							Vic Scheinman