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\F1\C		20915 Old Santa Cruz Highway
\C		Los Gatos, California 95030

\C	Board Meeting of March 4, 1976

\J 	The meeting was called to order at about 8:20 p.m.  Members present
included Kallevig, Scardina, Townsley, and Franks  plus Mr. and Mrs. Balcomb,
Chris Reed, Jane Hawlsey, Peggy Reed and Vic Scheinman.

	The current  financial statement was  read.  A  discussion of
means  of dealing  with  past due  accounts followed.    Bruce Franks
summarized the current  position of the board.   Assessments are  due
and payable monthly.  Assessments more than 3 months late are charged
$1.00 per  month retroactive to the first month.  Currently, there is
no fixed interval before  water is turned off.   Although significant
on small past due balances, the $1.00 late payment penalty represents
a very low equivalent  interest rate on some  of the larger past  due
accounts.  Bruce Franks  suggested a $1.00 per month  penalty for the
first 5  months, then $3.00 per month for  the next five months, then
mandatory shutoff and possibly a $5.00 per month  penalty thereafter.
It was  also mentioned  that although many  people think  the monthly
assessment  is just for water,  the assessment is for  water, water system
improvements,  road  repair, clubhouse  maintainance,  etc.    as
outlined in the monthly statements.

	Phase  1  water  system  improvements are  awaiting  property
easements for the water pipes and roads.  Apparantly, easements  will
have to be obtained from just about all  150 property owners.  Franks
mentioned the  possibility of his becomming a  Notary Public so as to
expedite the obtaining of certified signatures.

	Next on the agenda was the Balcomb matter.  On March  1, the
board met  with the Balcombs  and arrived at a  tenetative agreement.
Briefly, Balcomb  would revise his request to have water installed on
only 4 sites (3 now, and  one in the future).  He would  pay $50/site
PLUS   all  costs   of  installation   and  all   county  improvement
requirements  relating  to  and  resulting  from  his   installation.
Monthly assessments  would  start with  the the  month following  the

	Well,  Balcomb  had second  thoughts on  this  agreement, and
asked the board  to set  a limit  on his improvement  liability at  a
level of say $500.   A discussion followed as to  just what the water
board  expected in  the way of  hydrants, assurance  of enough water,
etc.   The discussion again  turned to  whether Balcomb had  obtained
site approval and what he  intended to do with the land.  Apparantly,
he has not obtained  site approval, nor has  he any current plans  to
build.  The general concensus from all present was that the board had
already  compromised too  much by  allowing  Balcomb to  withdraw his
request for water on two sites, as this already represented a loss of
$432 per year in assessments. In response to a question, the Balcombs
mentioned  that they did not intend  to live on their property...they
then left the meeting. Discussion on  this  matter continued.
It appears that a  firmer board stand is in order,  with some furthur
legal expenses expected.

	The mystery  of  the  missing clubhouse  furniture  has  been
partially solved.  An inquiry is being made into just what transpired
to  allow  the  wicker  table to  be  "sold"  for  the dinette  table
currently in the clubhouse.

	Clubhouse use was disscussed.  Apparantly, the insurance only
covers  members use  for  non-profit community  functions. A  typical
ideal use would be for community parties.  Other possible uses are as
a day care center, or  as a washer-dryer center, although  these uses
may require a new septic  tank.  Current clubhouse expenses run about
$600 per year.

	Trash pickup  was discussed.   Instead of  a single bin,  two
alternatives  were suggested.   A one-shot  house to house  pickup or
mandatory garbage service for all residences.  With 150 patrons, this
1 can per week service is expected  to cost at least $2.00 per month.
This sum  to be added to the current monthly assessment.  When a firm
quote  is obtained  the  motion  will  be submitted  to  the  general
membership for vote.

	The  next scheduled  meeting is  April 1  at 8:00  pm  in the
clubhouse.  Everyone is invited to attend and participate.
The board welcomes any and all work and thought contributions from you.
Don't hesitate to let your feelings and opinions be known, as the board
must know your thoughts in order to act fairly in your behalf.\.

\L Respectfully submitted,\R Vic Scheinman