perm filename MICRO1.VL[1,VDS] blob sn#201532 filedate 1976-02-06 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	\|\\M1BDR30\M2SIGN57\M3NGR25\M4NGR20\F2\CVICARM
C00011 ENDMK
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CFebruary 7, 1976

Mr. R.E. Talmo
Micro Gage, Inc.
9537 Telstar Ave.  Suite 116
El Monte, Calif. 91731

Dear Mr. Talmo:

	Enclosed are  the force sensors  I talked to you about.

	The  gold colored  aluminum part is  a prototype  wrist force
sensor for a robot arm.  The accompanying drawing shows the locations
of the 16 gages.   You previously used the model  9003 gages with 500
ohms  resistance.   These appear  satisfactory, so  you may  use them
again if they appear to be the most suitable type.  The enclosed  piece of
p.c. board may be used  as a lead attachment and strain relief point.
You may glue it in place once  the gages are installed, as we do  not
have to remove it. There are two holes for each gage lead.  We will
attach our instrumentation wires to one of them, the other is for your
gage leads.

	The second  part of  this order  is a  pair of force  sensing
fingers for  our robot arm.   The sketch shows the  location of the 4
strain gages  on  each  finger.    I have  enclosed  the  sketch  and
instructions  as I  recieved them  from the  Stanford student  who is
doing  this experiment.  Should his  specifications be too rigid, let
me know and I can talk to him about relaxing his requirements.

	I'd like  a quote on  the price  of each  unit in advance  of
starting the  work, so please call  me when you have  looked over the
parts.  For comparison, I'd also appreciate a price with the U- gages
instead of the straight type.

	As a result of  my last discussion with you, I  am looking at
making future force sensors  in Nispan C or Kovar.  In the meantime I
hope you will be able to handle these aluminum units.  As a  point of
reference, the  job you  did for  us at  Stanford University  about 2
years ago  was excellent, even though the sensor was the same 7075-T6

Yours sincerely,

Victor Scheinman