perm filename MESS[1,LMM] blob sn#036303 filedate 1973-04-15 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Sometimes, for reasons I don't grok, the MAIL command does not make
it in, after connection is made.  If it queues, you can be fairly
sure that it will be resent soon, and will probably work that time.
For instance, your DCS.MSG... also made it through the mail.  I
guess I don't want to try to find that one right now.

I'll check on the early close thing, tho... may have fouled something
up while poking at all this.  Thanks for the help.

15-APR-73  1013		SLS,DCS
  I couldn't make the trouble with STOR (or was it RETR?)
ahhappen, either from here or ISI.  Perhaps it is something
irregular at MAXC?  The connection remains open even after
the transfer.  Or was your problem lost data (I've seen that
Date: 15-APR-73 1951
From: sproull at SU-AI
Re:   uci lisp at nih
- - - -
i saw your message at the ai lab and decided to send
you a message via this incredible method.-- this is being
sent courtesy of bbn--tenex in cambridge, via the network in
several different passes.  a communications!

i think that putting up uci lisp at nih would be a good
idea.  their current lisp is very old and somewhat full
of crocks.  however, i suspect that the job of putting
up a new lispbe d ly te
rbesome.  xxxxxx let me try again:
the job of putting up a new lisp would probably be
troublesome because of the loader, etc.  you should
probably get in touch with richard feldmann on the matter,
or possibly glenn ricart.  i am afraid that nih is likely to
be unsympathetic -- they are generally interest in things
after they are proven.  i suggest that you try to put it up on your
own (i am willing to help) and let nih claim it afterward if you like.
 i don't know whether Omnigraph will run or not -- is the function
calling sequence the same, etc.?

let's talk about this sometime.  i am tired of fighting the network!