perm filename MES1[CMU,AIL] blob sn#083806 filedate 1974-01-26 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Hello Lee & Paddy:

Cmu just crashed after I typed about 30 lines at you, so I don't know
if I'll have the patience to go through it all again.  I found a fix
to the string space expansion bug in the compiler (I think).  I'm not
putting it over to [x,ail], but thought you all might be interested.
Esentially, what I did is to put the assembly language equivalent of:


right after the call to strngc in the routine sgcol ([SYM/25]).  This
seems to work, though I am very uncomfortable about what might happen
if sgcol gets called with pname not on top of stringspace.  The idea
is that .sontp will act like a nop unless string space was expanded,
in which case you will copy pname over to the new buffer, (the new
buffer, being empty, will be effectively "inset" already).  If you
want to make this change, then you will also have to fix a couple
bugs I found in .sontp (see file BUGS[S,AIL], or just copy over
GOGOL), whiich didn't hurt too bad unless (as now) .sontp was called
from the compiler.

As to the other "minor" bugs, I don't know when anyone here will get
around to them, as I mentioned earlier -- perhaps at the time of the
great IMSSS merger next month.  One thing -- it is probably a win to
tell us when you send something to AIL, on the off chance that we
have already fixed that bug.  However, I'm likely to assume that you
have also sent the message to AIL & delete my copy.  The idea is that
things on AIL will eventually be attended to.

Well, got to get back to work