perm filename MARY[1,VDS]1 blob sn#201533 filedate 1976-02-06 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	Mom!!
C00005 ENDMK

	So, Mark is engaged!!!  What a shocker, but that is so neat!!
Marilyn is such a sweetie...I'm really happy for Mole!!  WOW, it will
be so weird to think of Mole married!!!

I called up Ann this evening... she sounded great!!!   Really, things
seem to be  going pretty good for  her.  It sounds like  she and Mike
are  getting along okay.  And, I'm  especially happy to hear that Ann
has joined the  tennis team.   The old Anna  seems to be coming  back

So, Lynnie and Mrs. Freis are  at it again, huh?  what did Mrs. Freis
have to say to you?   Yeah, I think you  are right in not getting  to
excited about it all.  The teachers can become quite a pain at times.
I  remember in our junior  high home ec class  we were always raising
hell.  But, at  least we had  good old Mrs. Cable  to pro- tect  us!!
She was one teacher whose patient-teacher relationship worked out for
the  best!!  But.   anyways, if those retarded  home ec teachers make
their students draw color charts and make rice pudding and make those
idiotic  personal  health notebooks  like  we had  to  do, then  they
deserve hell raising students!!!

When I called dad sunday morning,  I first spoke to Lynn for  awhile.
She sounded good.  That weirdo anyways.  She had to give me a fifteen
minute  rundown on dads  new bed.   Well, I  should be happy  that it
wasn't a lecture on "birthies" or  the like!! a matter  of
fact, I didnt get any of that at all!  Must have been too early