perm filename MAP[3,2] blob sn#338554 filedate 1978-03-09 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	The MAP program (run by "R MAP" monitor command) is used to issue VDSMAP UUOs
C00005 ENDMK
The MAP program (run by "R MAP" monitor command) is used to issue VDSMAP UUOs
to control the video switch setting for any terminal.  (If the terminal is in
use and is not your own, you may not be allowed to change its setting.)  You
must specify first the terminal line or lines to change, and then the video
channel(s) to select, add, or delete.  The line(s) may be either virtual
terminal lines or physical screens.  Here are the options in selecting a line:

    Type * for all lines at once, <ALT> for all lines in sequence, . for
    yourself, : to list all lines only, or a line number; type S first to
    affect screen numbers

In specifying a map, you can type a list of channel numbers
separated by spaces and ending with <CR>.  You can also type:

<CR> alone	No change
+ <list>	Add to map
- <list>	Delete from map
R		Reset map
T<one of above>	Operate on temporary map
S<one of above>	(If mapping a screen, not a line) Untie the screen
			(Otherwise the map affects the line to which
			the screen is tied.)
L<line or null>	(If mapping a screen, not a line) Tie screen to specified line
			(If no line specified, tie screen to the line to which
			its keyboard is mapped.)
<ALT>		Same as last non-null operation used (invalid the first time!)

Thus you can alternate <CR> and <ALT> to perform a uniform operation on only
certain lines.