perm filename MAILPA.MSS[BIB,CSR]1 blob sn#590214 filedate 1981-05-29 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
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Stanford University
Department of Computer Science
Stanford California 94305  USA
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To return this order form, please refold it so that our address is
facing outside, attach a first-class stamp, and mail. Please use tape
rather than staples to seal it.
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@ux(                                        )@↑
@ux( @\)
@ux( @\)
@ux( @\)
@ux( @\)

@tabset(3.2 inches)
@\Stanford University
@\Department of Computer Science
@\Stanford California
@\U.S.A.     94305
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@begin(Format,Fixed 10.5 inches)
Attention: Dawn D. Yolton