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	As regards new arm  developments, I am working on  a hardware
servo system, and  an interface unit to allow easy hookup to a PDP-11
or LSI-11.   I have  ordered an  LSI-11 and already  have a  software
development  effort underway.    This first  system  will include  an
editor,  a  simple arm  language,  and  a trajectory  calculator.   A
solution program will be included, along with a  straight line motion
routine.   As time goes  on, I hope  to have more.   By the  way- the
small arms are  now going for  $14,500 each in  the version you  got.
With computer and software the price comes to almost $30K.  Vicarm is
still in  the red.  Hopefully we will be in  the clear in 6 months or
so.  Oh- yes, I  am working on a  wrist force balance- first for  the
large arm and them for the small  arm.  As I have already promised to
deliver  a couple of these  units, I am committed  to really get this
device working.  Price will be about $3K.

	The  latest  versions  of  the  small  arm  have  some  extra
mechanical  protection on  the outer  joints, along  with  even better
joint travel  stops.   I  also  am  switching to  steel  gears  where
possible for better wear life.  I will also be offering an encoder or
resolver version of the arm.  Initially on the first two joints only.

	By the  way, that last message with  the names of groups with
arms like yours may be hard to read.  I accidentally sent it before I
was ready, but  I think you should  be able to read it.   Sorry about