perm filename LOGOUT[3,2] blob sn#731027 filedate 1983-11-30 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
KJOB is the command to use when you wish to leave the system.  Please
remember to KJOB when you leave since each job, even if it is inactive
uses system resources, such as a job slot (of which we often run out)
and core storage in the monitor's data area, and accumulates charges
for connect time.

You may simply type the letter K followed by carriage return.
This command runs the LOGOUT program.

To kill another job that is logged in under the same PPN as yours, give
the command  KILL n  where n is the number of that job.

For information about various LOGOUT options, read the file
MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], whose updates will be found in MONCOM.UPD[S,DOC].