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The LOGIN command is used to start a job on this system.  If you
are an authorized user, you have been assigned a programmer name
of one to three letters, and possibly also a project name--if not,
you may use any project name.  Project "1" is a popular name with
no particular significance.

To log in, type the word LOGIN (this may be abbreviated L) followed
by a space, your project name, a comma, and your programmer name:
This will log you in, and type out any system messages or personal
mail for you which may exist.  You can stop the message typeout by
typing the CALL key (CONTROL-C twice from Teletypes).

Limited experimental use of this system from the ARPA network is
permitted.  The guest account is NET,GUE.  Other accounts may not
log in over the network without knowing a password.

If you want to establish an account as an authorized user, you should
communicate with Lester Earnest, by telephone at (415) 497-4202, by
mail at the address
	Computer Science Department
	Stanford University
	Stanford, California  94305
or by network mail to programmer name LES.  (You can log in as NET,GUE
and type "MAIL LES".)

Several LOGIN program options concerning system messages, etc., are
explained in the file LOGIN.BH[UP,DOC].