perm filename LOGIN[3,2] blob sn#824176 filedate 1986-09-15 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Only people with authorized accounts may log in on this system, though
some programs can be run without logging in.  Type "HELP GUEST" for a list
of these "free" programs.  Type "HELP ACCOUNT" for information on opening
an account.

To log in, type the word LOGIN (this may be abbreviated L) followed
by a space, your project name, a comma, and your programmer name:
This will log you in, and type out any system messages or personal mail
for you which may exist.  You can stop the message typeout by typing the
CALL key (CONTROL-C twice from Teletypes).  To log in quickly without
any messages being typed out, use a "." in place of the "," character:

	.   suppresses all messages

In order to log in from the network or remotely, you must have a password.

For a more complete description of LOGIN options, see the printed Monitor
Command Manual or its online version MONCOM.BH[S,DOC], whose updates are