perm filename LOADAV[3,2] blob sn#342493 filedate 1978-03-21 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
LOADAV is a program that will allow you to look at the load average plotted
as a function of time.  You may look at a specific date (must be within the
last month), or you may specify a range of dates.  When specifying a range
of dates, the load averages are averaged, so that the mean load average
versus time of day is displayed.

As the data that this program uses is only kept for one month, a date may
be (must be!) specified by an 1 ≥ integer ≥ 31.  If, for example, today is
May 17, then 16 would refer to May 16, but 18 would refer to April 18.

The complete date range format is BB:EE/X/#S, where BB is the first date to
be displayed, and EE is the ending date.  X is either "W" or "N", to cause
Weekends or Noweekends to be included in the calculations.  # should be a
decimal multiple of 5, and causes the vertical scale to run from zero to #.
The ending date is optional.  The switches are also optional, may be in
either order, and are sticky.  The program starts up in Weekends-included
mode and with a vertical axis running to 10.

After the data is displayed, the program asks if you wish to XGP the plot.
A "YES" (or "Y") to the query will send the Data Disc buffer to the XGP.

To exit from the program, type a carriage return to the date range query.