perm filename LIZ2.PL[1,VDS] blob sn#162999 filedate 1975-06-02 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002							3689 South Court
C00009 ENDMK
						3689 South Court
						Palo Aalto, Ca. 94306
						June 2, 1975

Dear Liz:

	Here I am  sitting in front  of my console listening  to good
music over the telephone.   Yes, I said the telephone because I am on
"hold" and they are  playing music until  a United Airlines agent  is
available to take my reservation to Washington, D.C.  At long last, I
am going East- next Tuesday.  I'll be on the East coast for about two
weeks.  No doubt, I will drop by M.I.T. and see Craig. 

	Well, they  finally answered the  phone, and  I have made  my
reservation.  So its settled, that I really will go East. 

	Today I got your second card- the one from Vienna.  Yesterday
Craig sent me a note by computer.  He has already heard from Suzanne. 
Here is a quote he sent me from the letter  he got from Suzanne. " Of
course  we talked about you  and Vic and came  to the conclusion that
you both  are somehow  insecure and  erratic,  but nevertheless  very
loveable.  Vic  is probably even crazier than you  are and knows even
less  what  he really  wants."  Hummmmmfffffff is  all I  can  say to
that!!!  I sensed that something was up between Craig and Suzanne all
the  long.  I  have asked  him, but he  has always  avoided answering
directly.  Thanks  for your  inside information,  I will  keep it  to
myself, but am sure that Craig will say something sooner or later.  

	As I  said,  its not  too hard  to meet  available MEN  while
travelling.  That indecent in Vienna should reassure you that you are
not over the hill and you are not all alone while away from  the good
ole U.S.A.  I  hope you have many more such encounters.   By now, you
should  be settled in Salzsburg at your  family house.  Hopefully you
will have some time to write a letter with some more detail than just
hi, bye.  I am still  curious how you three are making out.  From the
postcard, it seemed  that you were  together when you  met this  guy.
Are you still together?  

	I have nevver been to Salzsburg.  Or at least I dont remember
being there.  Once  about 6 years ago, I hitched a ride with a fellow
from near Geneva, Switzerland to Vienna.  It took us two days  to get
there by car.  We went thru all  sorts of cities, but this guy was in
such a hurry that I didnt see too much along the way.  In Vienna- you
remember I was in this  hotel- found thru Frommers book.   There were
only a few guests there as it was March and not the best time of year
to be travelling.   I had  breakfast every morning  with a nice  girl
from New York.  Her job was an "escort"!!!   She claimed to be one of
those  girls  who  shows visiting  businessmen  around  the town  and
thensome.  I think the thensome part was the most profitable for her.
Anyhow, even people like  her need a rest sometime.   She gave me her
name  and address,  but I never  had the guts  to contact  her in New

	Ah such are the pleasures of travelling.   Salzsbug should be
really bustling these days with President Ford in town.  I wonder how
the Europeans  see  Ford.    Do  they  accept  him  as  just  another
President, or do they realize that we didnt elect  him and he is just
a temporary replacement for Tricky Dick's unexpired term?  

	This Friday  we are having the annual A.I. Spring Orgy.  This
is the eating, drinking, sports event of the year for the lab.   I am
in such bad shape  that I dont think that I will be  able to even win
the  bike race this  year, as I have  done every year  in the past so
far.  Oh  well, maybe  this summer I  will be able  to get back  into

	Speaking of shape- hows yours?- are you putting on or loosing
weight on this trip?  Its hard for  me to predict, but I bet you  are
gaining a bit, but feeling great, as you are  no doubt doing a lot of
moving around and sexercising in the process. 

	I took Bruce Shimano sailing yesterday.  He did okay, even in
the trapeze.  The only problem is that he leaned overboard  a bit too
far and  fell in the drink.   No problem, I  sailed around and picked
him  up.  Now, I wonder  what you would do if I  fell out???  Now you
see why I want my women to know how to sail... in addition to knowing
how to do other nice things well.  

	Keep on fuckin.