perm filename LIZ1.PL[1,VDS] blob sn#161492 filedate 1975-05-27 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002		Dear Liz:
C00008 ENDMK
	Dear Liz:

	I got your  post card tonight.   15 hours  on the plane  is a
long  time.  You  must not have  been flying all  that time.   In any
event, I see that you  at least made it thru  the first night OK.   I
hope that  you were able  to contact Susanne,  and that you  two have
spent  some time  together.   By the  time you  get this  letter, you
should have whizzed thru Zurich and Vienna, and be happily settled in
Salzburg.  I assume that  the three of you are getting along fine, or
at the worst are surviving together.  Hows Frommers recommedations? I
should caution you that some of his recommendations  are for shit.  I
remember  once going  into a  restaurant in  Brussels because  it was
listed in Frommers book.   Well, they  must have changed managers  or
owners,  because  they  were  literally serving  shit  to  all  those
unsuspecting  Americanos who were  there because Frommer  said it was
good.  So, be  alert, and make your  own decisions.  For  that matter
there are literally  zillions of places  not listed in  Frommer which
are equal or better deals than his.  Take chances, you wont go wrong.  

	This last  weekend  was Memorial  Day weekend.    I didnt  go
anywhere.   The weather has  been hot the  last few days,  and my hay
fever  has practically  killed  me  six  times  over.    Everyone  is
suffering.  I thought of going sailing to excape from the pollen, but
there hasn't been any wind. 

	I've heard from Craig.  He mentioned that Susanne was leaving
for Italy in June.   No mention of marriage plans.  Either  that isnt
the case, or  he is not talking.  I am now  almost ready to go to the
East coast. At long last  the arm is almost  complete, and I am  once
again in  a position to get some return on  my efforts.   Tomorrow, I
will be making my formal offer to Brian Carlsyle.  He is really eager
to come work at Vicarm, and I think he has the potential to be a real
leader and asset to Vicarm. 

	I really  envy you,  relaxing and sightseeing  around Europe.
Just  think of it.  You  have a whole three months  to just do as you
please.  And me, I just work from dawn to dusk.  

	Last Wednesday  we has  the  Drakesbaad slide  show at  Les's
house.  Everyone  was there execpt you and Leona.   The pictures came
out great.  In case you have never seen a picture of the real you,  I
am trying to get some  copies made.  As you are in  Europe, I'll send
them to your folks  to hold on to until you return.  The best part of
the evening was the dessert.  All the women made exotic desserts, and
we just gorged ourselves.  In fact I almost didnt make it home.  

	I am thinking of leading a raft trip down the Stanislaus.  We
will  probably go  sometime in June.   Of course  it will  have to be
after I get back from the East coast.  

	Maybe you have a better idea of what you want to do in Europe
now that you have been there a while.  I can write to Nicoles parents
in Brussels, if you  like.  And, you  and I have friends  in England.
My cousins are there, as so are Bruce and Jane Anderson among others.
I have another  friend in Denmark.  Although I havent wrritten to him
in many years, I am sure he would be glad to accomodate you. 

	Well someone  just posted a  notice that  the computer  needs
repairs and it will stop in 5 minutes.   So I had better sign off now
before I loose my letter. 

	I miss you too.