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C00002 00002				About Vicarm
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			About Vicarm

	Vicarm manipulator  systems are  a product  of more than  ten
years  of  research and  development at  the  artificial intelligence
laboratories of Stanford University  and the Massachusetts  Institute
of Technology.   As a result of this ongoing  effort, they are backed
by  extensive mechanical, electronic and software development effort.
Developed  specifically  as  a  computer  controlled  machine,  these
manipulators  are now  finding applications  as industrial  tools for
assembly,inspection, manufacture and maintainance.  

	Vicarm  manipulators  are  versatile.    To  complement   our
manipulators and terminal devices, Vicarm manufactures a selection of
force  and   tactile  sensors  to  enable  sophisticated  interactive
manipulative tasks to  be performed.   With the  addition of a  video
interface, even  visual feedback tasks  can be undertaken  with these

	Vicarm manipulator systems are complete.  Vicarm can supply a
standard manipulator for interfacing to the customer's computer, or a
complete system consisting  of manipulator, terminal device, sensors,
computer interface, computer and programs. 

	Vicarm manipulators and systems are designed and manufactured
at the Vicarm  facilities in Mountain  View, California.  As  we have
the capability  to manufacture almost all the  components used in our
systems, most parts are  specifically designed for the function  they
perform.    Vicarm manipulators  are  carefully  thought out  complex
devices with  nearly every component custom engineered.  Our in house
engineering, manufacturing,  and assembly  capability  enables us  to
produce   a  complete,   integrated  system   including  manipulator,
computer, software, and special accessories. 

	About our manipulators:

	Vicarm manipulators have  six independent (no  differentials)
degrees of  freedom.   Each joint  is powered  by separate  permanent
magnet d.c.   servo motors with both position and velocity feedback. 
Electromagnetic brakes, used on  most joints, operate in  conjunction
with the  d.c. servo motors.   Because of the use  of rotary electric
actuators,  joint motions  of over  300 degrees travel  (optional 600
degree or continuous travel)  are obtainable.  Internal drives  and a
large  external  structure  combine  to  provide a  stiff,  safe  and
environmentally resistant design.  

	About our computers:

	The Vicarm  manipulator system  is based  around the  Digital
Equipment  Corporation PDP-11  series  of  computers.   These  are  a
popular,  thoroughly  proven  series  of  computers  produced by  the
largest maker of minicomputers.   Years of experience with this  type
of  computer  has  resulted  in  extensive  compatible  hardware  and
software.   Because of  the general purpose machine  nature of Vicarm
manipulators, they can be interfaced to other computers with relative
ease.   This is  an attractive  feature for the  firm with  their own
computer facility.  Interfaces between a Vicarm control computer  and
a larger  central or  timeshared computer  can also  be provided  for
central  planning  and control  of  a manipulator,  or  where several
manipulators are  working  either  separately  or  together.   Vicarm
provides all the electronics and  interfaces for its standard system,
or to match your existing system. 

	About our programs. 

  Because Vicarm manipulators  are an outgrowth  of government funded
research at  several large  Universities  and Research  Laboratories,
most of  the extensive software  developed at these  organizations is
available and  adaptable  to our  system.   Vicarm  provides  program
editing and development capability, as well  as routines for straight
line   motion,   trajectory  planning,   looping,   searching,  force
controlled  motions,  and  special  task  subroutines.    Manipulator
motions  can  be  torque,   velocity  or  position  servo  controlled
depending  on the task.   Special  software can be  developed to meet
your particular application.