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@This report lists, in chronological order, all reports published
by the Stanford Computer Science Department since 1963.  Each report
is identified by Computer Science number, authors's name, title, National
Technical Information Service (NTIS) retrieval number↑* , date, and
number of pages.  Complete listings of Theses, Artificial Intelligence Memos,
and Heuristic Programming Reports 
are given in the Appendix.

@Also, for the first time, each report has been marked as to its availability
for ordering and the cost if applicable.
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↑*If this number is not given it means that the report is probably not available
from NTIS.
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@In the Bibliography which follows, there is a listing for each Computer Science
Department Report published as of the date of this writing.  Each listing contains
the following information:
		The report number(s)↑*
		The author(s) 
		Whether or not the report is a thesis
		The "title" of the report
		The number of pages in the report,
		The month and year it was published
		The cost of the report (if any)

Special  symbols preceding  the  report number  indicate availability at this writing, 
as follows:
		+ hard copy or microfiche,
		⊗ microfiche only,
		* out-of-stock.

If there is no special symbol, then it is available in hard copy only.

@All Computer Science Reports that are in stock may be requested from:
		Stanford University
		Computer Science Department
		Polya Hall, Room 202
		Stanford, California 94305  U.S.A.

However, Artificial Intelligence Memos (AIM-xxx) should be obtained directly
from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.  Their address is:
		Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
		Attn:  Documentation Services
		Stanford University
		Stanford, California 94305  U.S.A.

@Rising costs and restrictions on the use of research funds for printing reports
have made it necessary to charge for reports at their replacement cost.  By doing 
so, we will be able to reprint popular reports rather than simply declaring them 
"out of print".  Microfiche on the other hand is available free of charge.

@Please note that when ordering, we would appreciate it greatly if you would
NOT send any money with the order.
Many of the older listings have only a few copies left, and we only 
want to charge you for
what is actually sent.  Please just send the request for the reports you want,
and an invoice will be sent to you along with the reports.

@Alternatively, reports that are out-of-stock at Stanford University may be ordered 
(for a nominal fee), in either hard copy or microfiche form, from:
		National Technical Information Service
		P. O. Box 1553
		Springfield, Virginia 22161

If there is no NTIS  number given, then they may or may  not have the report.  
In requesting copies in this case, give them both the Stanford report number
and the group number.

@Reports that are also Ph.D. theses have been so marked and, if out-of-stock at
Stanford University, may be ordered from:
		University Microfilm
		P. O. Box 1346
		Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106

They are available from University Microfilm in both hardcopy and microfiche.


↑* There are up to three numbers given for each listing (i, ii, iii):
	(i)  the "Computer Science" number is on the left, with  the 
	form being "STAN-CS-yy-nnn", where  "yy" is the last two digits of 
	the  year of publication and "nnn" the report numbers;

	(ii)  any group number (i.e. AIM, TR, DOE, SLAC, etc.) is in the 
	middle; and

	(iii)  a NTIS stock number (often beginning "AD...")  on the right,
	with the code "NAN" in that slot meaning "not at NTIS".