perm filename LINDA1[1,VDS] blob sn#052698 filedate 1973-07-05 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100					3689 South Court
00200					Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
00300					July 5, 1973
00500	Dear Linda:
00700		No doubt that by now  youve  forgotten  who  I  am.     Well,
00800	remember  me,  I'm  that  guy you were going to go hiking and rafting
00900	with this summer.  YES, in spite of the fact that I have not  written
01000	to  you  in  numerous  weeks,  I  am  eagerly  looking foward to this
01100	adventure.  This note is just to let you know that  I'm  planning  to
01200	come  to  Sun Valley around the 17 or 18 of July.. We'll, spend about
01300	10 days  together-  probably  doing  some  more  leisurely  sorts  of
01400	activity  than  originally planned as I'm not fully recovered from my
01500	25 mile hike.  Something happended to my knee and its been a bit sore
01600	since.  Its  not  all  that  sore,  and  I'm sure that I could manage
01700	anything put before me, but I think that it may be a good  thing  not
01800	to stretch the point for a while longer.   This news will no doubt be
01900	greeted by mixed emotions.  Im sure the pain in  my  knee  causes  an
02000	ache  in  your heart, but then we will probably have to stick to some
02100	less strenuous activity than mountain climbing.   Of course  we  will
02200	have  to  do some hiking, but I'd like to do some more rafting. Idaho
02300	has the Snake and Salmon Rivers.  Both are considered among the  best
02400	rafting  rivers  in  the  country.    There  are  lots  of commercial
02500	companies runnning trips on both of these rivers.   The  Sierra  Club
02600	has  a few trips down them this summer- all are rather expenisve- Ie.
02700	$280 for a 5 day trip of only  95  miles.   Well,  we  are  going  to
02800	attempt  a low cost trip in my itty bitty raft.  I think we can do it
02900	and have a hell of a lot of fun.  There is probably enough  room  for
03000	the  two  of us and some gear. Right now I am trying to round up some
03100	watertight bags so that we can take some camping gear with us.  Maybe
03200	we'll  tow  an  inner  tube  trailer  behind,  in case things get too
03300	crowded in the boat..   I'm really excited now.  Monday I'm going  to
03400	check  the  raft out on the upper Stanislaus River- the hairy section
03500	of river above where you went down last April.  Lets see, I know this
03600	letter doesnt sound too good- Im typing it at work, and am in a rush,
03700	but my intention is to just send you something to let you  know  that
03800	I'm  rairin to go, and still super anxiious to see you again- for all
03900	sorts of reasons, any and all you can think  of.    I  hope  you  are
04000	looking foward to seeing me just as much.
04300	I miss you too- loooooooooootttttttttsssssssss.!!!!!!!
04800						Love,