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C00002 00002	\\M1BDR25\M2SIGN57\M3NGR25\M4NGR20\F2\CVICARM
C00011 ENDMK
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CApril 8, 1975
State of California
Employment Development Department
Unemployment Insurance Office 069
2450 So. Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA. 95008

Dear Sirs:
\J	I  am writing  in  response  to  your decision  of  March  30
regarding the person Linda J. Tappan.  

	Last  June, Linda Tappan  was employed by  her ex-husband who
was then a consultant under  contract to but not employed by  Vicarm.
Her husband  employed her  to "assist"  him in  his work  for Vicarm.
Under  most  circumstances this  would  not have  been  an acceptable
situation for  Vicarm,  but Mike  Tappan insisted  that  he had  good
personal reasons for  employing her.  Linda Tappan  was on the Vicarm
payroll for a total of 5 weeks.  During this time she worked entirely
with her ex-husband.   A record of  her hours shows she  never worked
more  than 39 hours  in any one  week.  On  July 26  Linda Tappan was
involved in an  automobile accident (not connected  with work).   She
reported that her doctor advised her not  to work for a while.  Since
that date  (on Nov.  1), Mr. Mike Tappan's contractwas terminated
because  of irregular  activities  and  unfullfilled  commitments  to
Vicarm.  Two of the  reasons being that he employed his ex-wife Linda
Tappan, and at a  later date his  brother Kelly Tappan  as part of  a
personal arrangement.  In the case of Linda Tappan, it apparantly was
an agreement to keep her at Vicarm for a period sufficient to entitle
her to unemploment  benefits and then lay  her off. This  arrangement
was necessary because Linda Tappan had either exhausted her benefits,
or was not eligible for them at the time. 

	Furthurmore,  Linda Tappan voluntarilly  quit her position at
Vicarm.  She has  NEVER since asked to return  to work.  But  she has
done the following.  She stated to friends last November that she was
planning to  come  to Vicarm  and  ask to  return  to work  with  the
expectation that  she would be  laid off.   This she  never did.   In
January  she came  to Vicarm  with her  present husband  and forcibly
removed documents, materials  and property belonging  to Vicarm.   To
prevent her and her current  husband from removing furthur quantities
of  Vicarm property, the Mountain View  police department was called.
The police removed  her from the premises  and informed her that  she
would be arrested should she ever enter the premises of Vicarm again.  

	Linda  Tappan has  made no  contacts with  Vicarm  since that
time, nor do  we expect  any.   Linda Tappan  was NOT  laid off  from
Vicarm. Linda Tappan left  Vicarm on "Doctors Orders".   Linda Tappan
has NEVER asked to  return to work at Vicarm.  I also understand that
Linda Tappan  has  claimed that  last  November her  ex-husband  Mike
Tappan told her that she had  been laid off from Vicarm.  Impossible,
because  Mike Tappan was  not connected  in any way  with Vicarm last
November, and thus was not in a position to make that statement. 

	Linda Tappan apparantly has a long history  of claims against
just about everyone- a check  of her other recent employers, and even
the insurance  firm handling  her auto  accident injury  claims  will
reveal the difficulties involved in dealing with this person.  Vicarm
was  fooled by her and  her ex-husband... and we  at Vicarm feel that
she is attempting another one  of her "rip-offs" with this claim  for
unemployment insurance.  Please check  into this case more thoroughly
before you act. 

	Should you have any furthur questions,  feel free  to call
Yours Sincerely,

Victor Scheinman