perm filename LINDA[1,VDS]1 blob sn#027259 filedate 1973-02-24 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
 00001 00001
 00002 00002	Hi Lindums:
 00004 ENDMK
Hi Lindums:
	Got your letter today, and I'm glad you still remember me.  I've
certainly not forgotten you.    I'm trying my hand at typing a letter on the computer
for some practice. I' also have to make this note "tame" in case there are
some "voyieurs" on the system.  
	Yes, ny trip to Japan is comming up shortly- in less than a week I will
be winging my way West to the East!  It looks like I'll be there about 17 days
total and will have only a few days for travel around the country.  This just 
doesn't happen to be the best time of year to go tripping around there, but
beggars looke me cant be too choosy.  
Here in sometimes sunny California the plum trees in my yard are begginning 
to blossom.  They are a Japanese plum, and look something like the