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C00002 00002	This is a file of known SAIL manual defects (mainly typos) that
C00009 ENDMK
This is a file of known SAIL manual defects (mainly typos) that
are not already noted in the preface or covered by the "incremental"
SAIL manual.  It is primarily an internal document for the SAIL
hackers, put is being provided here as a stopgap measure pending
a full new edition for the manual.  This list is, however, not
complete in that it does not include a number of typos that do
not change the meaning.  If, however, you discover any defects
in the manual or in the update, please notify your friendly local
SAIL representative.

99R	KVL	The synonym for "SUCH THAT" is "|" and not "↓"

32R	KVL	APPENDIX 5 has nothing to do with the 
		bits for IO errors or mode enablings

43L	RHT	FILEINFO documentation is a lie.  You usually get:

		negative swapped word count (if did a lookup).
		0  (unless you opened device in magic mode)

		The whole point is that what you get is the six words
		from the last lookup or enter.  For details see the 
		monitor manual.

58R	JRL	if a designated bracketed triple is not found
		then bindit is returned and no error message is given

33L	JRL	release now takes a second defaultable value integer
		argument, the close inhibit bits (see RELEAS in UUO 
		manual).  These are defaulted to zero when unspecified.

72R	KVL	TELLALL does not do an implicit RESCHEDULE as the 
		description implies -- it just sets the status of
		the concerned processes to "ready".

102R	RFS	"33 through 36" S/B "33 through 35"

105R	RFS	". her are several"    s/b " . There are several"

79R,L	KVL	JOBTPC should be loaded with the location of a CALL to
		a non-simple procedure. 

92R	JRL	20F will in future surround macro expansions with
		"<>" not "⊂⊃".

38R	RHT	The description of INCHWL is wrong.  Actually, the 
		activation character is never included in the string
		and is always put into _SKIP_.  (<crlf> puts a <cr> 
		into _SKIP_ & throws away the <lf>).

24L	RHT	The compiler will not in fact turn division by a power
		of two into an ASH.

90L	REG	"... See section 19 about these [compilation errors] "
		should be section 20.

90L	REG	19.1.3 "boundary" is misspelled.

41R	RHT	CVSIX left-justifies the sixbit value it builds.

43L	RHT	In POINT, it is "a PDP-10 byte pointer".

45R	RHT	FORC syntax should be "FORC <identifier> ← ... "

57R	RHT	" ... methods of searching the associative store ..."
		had "store" missing before.

105L	RHT	"omaname" should be "the symbolic name"

110L	RHT	added reference:
		Harvey, Brian  "Monitor Command Manual" SAILON 54.3
		(Dec 1973)
		Also, there is a more current SOS manual: SAILON 50.3

76L	RHT	Should be "REF_ITEM(VALUE <expression>)"