perm filename LESCAL[3,2] blob sn#817521 filedate 1986-05-24 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	LESCAL makes calendars in a variety of formats.  It can either put them
C00005 ENDMK
LESCAL makes calendars in a variety of formats.  It can either put them
out on your terminal or create a text file than can be spooled.  Text
files are formatted to print in "landscape mode" and are either "compact,"
which puts one year on a page, or "large," which puts one month on each
page, leaving more room for inscriptions.

LESCAL knows about a lot of holidays and other special dates, including
Stanford academic dates, and lets you choose which ones will appear on
your calendar.  It also lets you add special dates of your own.

The academic dates are likely to be correct because the Registrar's Office
has been using printouts from this program to do their scheduling since
the late '60s and recently requested and received a new set of listings
that omit the now-obsolete Registration Days each quarter.  They now have
calendars through the year 2020.  In conjunction with this update, LESCAL
has been made to use modern conveniences such as displays, disk files and
spoolers.  (It was originally written for a DEC PDP-6 that had as
peripherals only DECtapes, Model 33 Teletypes and a ragged line printer.)

LESCAL even lets you choose which day your week begins on (traditionally
Sunday in the U.S., Monday in Latin America).  It is politically
opinionated but more-or-less self-documented.  Just plunge ahead and say
"R LESCAL."  Complaints to LES@Sail.