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Sorry it took me so long to get around to answering you.
The SAIL files are all on S,AIL.  You can find what files
to snarf by looking at the command files THAT (for a 
debugging compiler) or IT (for a production compiler) and
at some one (or a combination thereof) of the various 
command files for the runtime routines.  To get an upper
segment version of the runtimes, look at SGMNT. For a
single big RUNTIM.REL (used here only for debugging), look
at RUN.  For a library, look at ORDER (which is used by SCISS)
Actually, the Files named in ORDER should cover most of what you 
need.  Also, you may need new copies of PTRAN & RTRAN.

Suggested procedure to get everything over there would be
1. Create export versions of SAIL.REL & RUNTIM.REL here
at stanford. (I believe that the command files to do this
are still on the area [X,AIL]. -- note you will have to
use a copy of HEL with the appropriate switches set & do
a run of PTRAN& RTRAN over it to get an export version of PROD
& RESTAB.) 2. FTP these to CMU & load them there to produce a running 
SAIL.SAV. 3. FTP over the other files. & recompile PTRAN & RTRAN at 
CMU.  5. use ptran & rtran at CMU to get a prod & restab there
(load with your runtim.rel). similarly for sciss. 6. 
do all the right FAIL assemblies. 6. use the .REL files to build
your system.

I am typing this from a console away from my desk, so I may be
forgetting something. Also, I may be assuming that you are familiar
with some files that are unfamiliar to you.  If you have trouble,
try talking to me over the net, or else phoning (321-2300-x4971).

the file TELLEM[S,AIL] contains most of the procedures you need, 
although possibly some of the lists of files are out of date.
Also, look at the file FILSPC for useful stuff.

Sorry if this seems disorganized.  actually, things are better,
but I'm about to go home to bed... We are working on getting a DECUS
release out soon, but how soon I cannot say.  

A new (draft) SAIL manual may be found as SAIL.DOC[1,KVL].
a copy of this note will be left on [X,AIL] for a while, but
please FTP it overr to you.

Good luck.

09-MAR-73  0122		S,RHT