perm filename LDE[10X,AIL] blob sn#125753 filedate 1974-10-19 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
	Russ Taylor asked me to comment on some of your recent 
messages, so here comes a point-by-point reply.
	(1)  .LEPIN has been added to the XX variables.
	(2)  There is a very good reason why the libraries etc. should change
their names.  When the system changes, it is important that old .REL files
either access libraries with the code for which they compiled, or at least
that an error be generated.  
	I have found that a useful thing to do is to make the explicit 
references indirect if possible -- e.g., through another file, which can
be changed as needed.
	(3)  Re RELEASE, it does only work at SU-AI.  However, it is probably
easier to leave it alone, opting for the compatibility of the compiled code
rather than saving a PUSH.
	(4)  I put CALLI -22 into the editor interface code in GOGOL, have
	(5)  ARRCLR does have that problem.  STRING bit put into FOO2,
should work.  (I would have sworn that I had that there.)
	(6)  Inside IFCR, the scanner is still going, so it dies on ".."
and the like, you're right.  A similar thing happens to the indirect bit
in start code inside of IFCR I think.  Suggested fix:  use a macro that throws
away its argument.  (Hack I guuss.)

	Well, I hope that helps out anyway.  Bye for now.

				Bob Smith (RS)

Lee: I looked at this. I agree.