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To run LaTeX on the file named  foo.tex  type:
    r latex;foo

This produces an output file named  foo.dvi .  You will be left with a
command like the following in your line editor:

    r DVIdover;FOO.DVI

Type <return> to execute this command if you want to print the file on
the Dover (2nd floor MJH).  To print on a different printer, edit the
command to one of the following:

    r DVIrover;FOO.DVI		for Rover (4th floor MJH Dover)
    r DVIesp;FOO.DVI		for ESP (3rd floor MJH Imagen, near lounge)
    boise FOO.DVI		for Boise (4th floor MJH HP printer)

To report bugs in LaTeX, use the monitor command GRIPE LaTeX or mail to

The LaTeX manual, by Leslie Lamport (published by Addison-Wesley) is
available in the Stanford bookstore and many other bookstores.  Please
consult it for documentation of LaTeX.

Files on SAIL containing information about LaTeX include the following:

LATEX[3,2] (this file)	explains how to run LaTeX.
SMALL.TEX[TEX,SYS]	is a short sample input file for LaTeX.
SAMPLE.TEX[TEX,SYS]	is a longer sample input file.
LOCAL.TEX[TEX,SYS]	is the source file for the "Local Guide".
LATEX.INS[TEX,SYS]	describes how to install LaTeX.