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KRL is the Knowledge Representation Language developed by Terry Winograd,
Dan Bobrow, and a host of others at Xerox PARC.  The KRL on SAIL is called
nano-KRL, because of its limited features.  Nano-KRL was written by Paul
Martin (PAM%SAIL) in MacLisp in order to have a running KRL for his thesis
work.  The only documentation is online in the directory [KRL,PAM]; the file
KRL.DOC is a guide to finding your way through the other information.

To find out what KRL is all about, read the "KRL Overview" AI memo by
Winograd et al; the nano-KRL documentation assumes that you are already
familiar with KRL and simply supplies the details needed to actually program
in the language.

Bug reports should be sent to PAM%SAIL; only limited support for the system
is promised.  Certain flavors of nano-KRL crashes result from the high-seg
associated with the MacLisp EDIT core image being changed; this is easily
cured but quite a nuisance, so report such immediately and a new core image
will be generated.