perm filename JOE1.VL[1,VDS] blob sn#195938 filedate 1976-01-07 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	\|\\M1BDR25\M2SIGN57\M3NGR25\M4NGR20\F2\CVICARM
C00013 ENDMK
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CJanuary 7, 1975

Mr. Joseph Zingheim
3314 Kirk Road
San Jose, Calif. 95124

Dear Joe:

	This letter will serve as our  contract covering the delivery
of our next computer interface- To be known as the NRL interface.

	This contract becomes  valid after signatures by both you and
a Vicarm representative, and  after you deliver  to Vicarm 4 sets  of
completely  documented   drawings  of  the  interface   you  recently
delivered-  called the GM interface, and  after this GM interface has
had  all  its  oversize  capacitors  replaced   with  properly  sized
capacitors so that its boards  can lie completely flat, and has had a
final check done on its wiring.

	Vicarm  agrees  to  contract  for  delivery  of  a   computer
interface complete with 8  each 12 bit DACs (model  Burr-Brown DAC 80
or  equiv.), 32  channels of  12 bit  A-D (Siliconix  multiplexers or
equiv.  and Burr-Brown  ADC-80 A/D or  equiv.).  This interface  will
include the same enable and disable features as in the GM interface
Also included is  DAC zeroing and switch
to  position  mode in  case  of  computer  non-enable  every  100  ms,
provision for  current, position and velocity mode  select bits, pull
up resistors on all open collector outputs, one-shot pulse generators
where required (as  opposed to R-C  type pulse generators),  and all
discrete parts properly mounted on parts carriers where possible. The
interface shall be mounted on DEC size and type cards in  DEC blocks.
All signal  cables shall  connect via 3-M  or paddle  type connectors
with  provision for sufficient numbers of  ground wires to allow true
12-bit resolution (+-10 volt signal range).  The DEC  blocks shall be
laid flat-side by  side as in the LSI-11  configuration.  Vicarm will
provide these two blocks suitably connected together for your use.

	This interface will interface to a model LSI-11 computer thru
a standard DRV-11  interface card. All cable pin assignments shall be
the same as  in the  GM interface,  unless a change  is requested  or
authorized by Vicarm.  All bits  and signals shall have the same sign
and function  as in the GM interface, unless a change is agreed upon.
All  debugging and  testing  will  be  done by  you,  not  at  Vicarm
facilities,  and without  Vicarm assistance.   As  a  reliability and
burn-in  test,  you  will  also  run  the  interface  for  48  hours,
continuously cycling  thru all A/D  channels and  outputting changing
data  to all  DACs.   In case of  any component  failure, corrections
shall be made and the test repeated until satisfactorily passed.  All
test programs,programming  and setups  shall be  done by  you without
Vicarm help.

	The  completed and  tested interface  shall be  delivered and
demonstrated on or  before he last day  of February 1976, along  with
complete documentation.   This documentation shall include  4 sets of
prints  showing  and  labeling  all  boards,  components,  wires  and

	For timely delivery, Vicarm will  pay you, for your labor, the sum of  $1,300.
For each  day after Feb.  28 that all of  the above is  not complete,
Vicarm  will charge you a late penalty of $5.00.
Should the system be late by more than 1 month, Vicarm may
cancel this contract without obligation to you.

	Vicarm agrees to pay for  all parts and materials used by you
(execpt for wire,  solder and buss  bars), in addition  to the  above
amounts.  Payment will be made on your presentation
of receipt or delivery to  Vicarm of a part ordered by  you. You will
provide receipts for all purchases.  Any purchases
for  components  which represent  significant changes  from  the  GM
interface must be approved in advance.

	You  shall  be   responsible  for  ordering  all   parts  and
components. Industrial or commercial grade parts ( i.e. 74 rather than 54 series
TTL) shall be used in all
cases, execpt where advance approval is recieved.  You shall  also be
responsible for  timely delivery  of all  these parts  and components
execpt  in  the case  of the  DACs and  A/D.   Vicarm  shall directly
purchase the  DACs and  A/D.  In  addition, all  components shall  be
mounted on standard DEC style  or equiv. single side wire wrap boards
with sockets for  all IC's.   The board  position in  the DEC  blocks
shall be selected by Vicarm and the blocks wired accordingly.  As you
claim to have most of the bugs out of this design, Vicarm will not be
liable for any component failures  due to errors or infant  mortality
failures.  Replacement  and hassleing with vendors on  these items is
your responsibility,  as it is assumed that all components have their
own replacement guarantees.

	You will  demonstrate  that your  interface  works, and will
guarantee it to work for a period of 90 days from delivery (execpting
misuse or damage  by Vicarm).   During this  time you  will make  all
repairs and part replacements at your expense.

	All  parts and  components  purchased  by Vicarm  become  the
property of Vicarm at the time of payment for such parts.  In case of
excess, unused, or damaged  parts, Vicarm  shall have the  option of  returning
them to you for refund from you, if Vicarm desires.  This means that you
agree to buy back at purchase price all spare parts- if Vicarm desires.

	In  the  case  of  design  changes  which  Vicarm  feels  may
significantly alter the system performance or reliability, Vicarm may
request advice from a  mutually agreeable expert to settle  design or
execution disagreements.   This person's decision shall  be final. In
the case of disputes  regarding delivery, Vicarm  or you may  request
such  a   mutually  agreeable  expert   advisor  to  decide   on  the
acceptability and completeness of the finished product. This person's
decision shall be final.  Fees paid (if any) to such an expert shall be shared 
equally by you and Vicarm.  As a measure of performance, the standard shall
be the GM interface.  Performance of this  NRL interface shall be the same or
better than the GM interface by all important tests (i.e.- resolution,
noise, response time, linearity, etc.). In the case of details not mentioned here,
the interface will be assumed to have the same properties as the GM interface.

	Agreed to ________________________________
			T.J. Zingheim

	Agreed to ________________________________

			V. D. Scheinman\.

Yours sincerely,

Victor Scheinman