perm filename IOSER.MSG[CMU,AIL] blob sn#090714 filedate 1974-03-11 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100	People,
00200		We have a new IOSER that mostly reflects some CMU features
00300	that are within CMUSW -- it also has a couple of minor error msg
00400	improvements.  We would very appreciate if someone could bless this
00500	copy and make it be IOSER on S,AIL, so that we won't have to
00600	edit these changes in in the future.  The new version is
00700	IOSER[CMU,AIL].  We have labeled our changes with =b4=, all within
00800	the CMUs.  
00900		Please see if this can happen before anymore changes are made
01000	to IOSER at your end.
01100		Would appreciate a confirmation when all is well.
01200			thanx,
01300				LDE