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∂29-May-81  2052	Brian K. Reid <CSL.BKR at SU-SCORE> 	Order form   
Date: 29 May 1981 2048-PDT
From: Brian K. Reid <CSL.BKR at SU-SCORE>
Subject: Order form
To: DDY at SU-AI


I have copied all of the relevant macro files to [BIB,CSR].
There are 4 of them.

	PUBLIC.MAK	This one has all the magic; you should not ever have
			to change it.
	COVERN.MSS	This one has the "cover note" text that is put at the
			top of the order form page. It has a few fancy
			macros mixed in with it, so it should be edited
			with care.
	MAILPA.MSS	Mail Page. This one formats the "mailer" page, with
			the various return addresses and such.

	TWELVE.MSS	This is the text of the twelfth ordering list. It 
			contains all of the text for all of the abstracts.

To do abstracts for some month, you would make a new file (say, for example
THRTEE.MSS for list 13). You would make it have the same kind of entries
as TWELVE.MSS, which is to say that you would start it off with
    @Make(PublicationOrderForm,Number 13,AnnouncementDate "July 1981")
and then for each publication being announced, you would put
and so forth. Notice that you don't put any font information like %3 or %2
into this @Entry.  After the closing parenthesis of the @Entry(...) command,
you just type the text of the abstract.

You process the MSS file through Scribe in the usual way.