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C00002 00002	CS 206	Fall 1974   Miscellaneous information		3 October
C00005 ENDMK
CS 206	Fall 1974   Miscellaneous information		3 October

Computer hours
	The computer is normally up 24 hours a day except for the
hours between midnight Friday night and 3:00 PM Saturday. Once you
are inside Casita, you may stay as long as you like. The door to
Casita will be unlocked from approximately 8:00 AM until midnight,
Monday through Friday.  It will also be unlocked on Sunday until 8:00 PM,
though I am not sure at what time on Sunday it will be unlocked (ask

CAI text
	The CAI text which is typed on the teletype comes in two
forms: the normal form, and an abbreviated form.  Printed copies of the
normal form will be distributed on Tuesday.  You will then be able to
read this ahead of time, and use the abbreviated form on the
slow-typing teletypes.  (See the CAI documentation to find out how,
or type "ABBREV ?"). Later on, you may also wish to work on some of
the more complicated problems ahead of time.

	If the CAI program gives you any mysterious messages, please
"GRIPE" about them, so that we can try to fix the problem.

Addition to Lisp documentation
	When you are using Lisp, and it gives you a message like "FOO
BROKEN", and gives you a colon as a prompt instead of an asterisk,
you are talking to the break package. There are many useful things
you can do with the break package, but for now you will want to know
how to get out.  To get back to the top level of Lisp, type two up
arrows (ā†‘ā†‘) after the colon, and then a carriage return. For more
information, use the Lisp HELP system, or look in the UCI Lisp