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How to resurrect the NCP:

If at all possible, try to find MRC when there are problems with the
network before fixing it yourself.  I may want to look around before
fixing it.

Normally, the NCP will come up within 5 seconds after things are
alright again (normally immediately) without any user intervention.
If it doesn't, don't run IMPUP.  It won't let you (and can't work in
any case!).  Follow these directions instead:

Make sure the IMP is up (ie, walk over to the IMP and make sure it has
pretty lights blinking, etc.).  If the IMP isn't up you lose.

Now, R IMPSTA and kill or reset all the jobs it lists under the "Jb"
column.  When the last of these jobs goes away or gets reset, the
network will come up by itself unless it is locked out (see below).
Note the job names of the jobs which you flushed and send a message to
MRC listing them.  It is known that FTP and FTPSER don't go away when
the NCP goes down (so you don't have to tell me about that).  The news
service takes a little while before releasing the IMP; be patient and
it will.  If any other programs are losing I want to know about them.

If IMPSTA says "NCP locked out!" then that means that the NCP was
brought down by a human instead of by the IMP crashing.  The CTY will
blame the villain; talk to him/her to find out why s/he brought the
network down and when it will be available again.