perm filename IMPSER.DIF[IP,NET] blob sn#709302 filedate 1983-04-29 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	Differences between old and new IMP UUOs:
C00007 ENDMK
Differences between old and new IMP UUOs:

MTAPE 0 (CONNECT):  Address is assumed to be NCP format (IMP/HOST) iff network
  number is zero.  Else it must be in IP format.  All MTAPEs (including this
  one) return IP format addresses.  Wait flag ignored; all CONNECT requests
MTAPE 1 (LISTEN):  User may specify -1 in ADR+2 to gensym a local port.
  Non-zero values in ADR+5 and/or ADR+6 indicate that you want to listen for a
  specific host or foreign port number.  Otherwise any host and port will be
  allowed, and returned in those words if a connection was made.
MTAPE 2 (GET STATUS):  Returns the same values in both words.
MTAPE 3 (TERMINATE):  Send & receive socket distinction not made.  Local port
  number may be 0; otherwise must be port for this channel.
MTAPE 4 (WAIT):  Local port may be 0; otherwise checked as in MTAPE 3.
MTAPE 5 (DUMP):  Not yet implemented.  Causes a UUO error.
MTAPE 7 (GET LISTEN INFO):  Local port word always filled in with current port #.
MTAPE 11 (SEND INTERRUPT):  Currently a no-op.  Just returns status bits.
MTAPE 14 (TEST & CLEAR INTERRUPTS):  Always sets both words to 0.
MTAPE 15 (ALLOCATE):  Currently a no-op (TCPSER hasn't implemented this yet).
MTAPE 16 (GET ALLOCATIONS):  Bit allocations are always a multiple of =8.
  Message allocations are always returned as 0.
MTAPE 17 (SET TIMEOUTS):  The given values are recorded, but some may no longer
  have any effect.
MTAPE 22 (SEND RESET):  Now illegal.
MTAPE 23 (SEND WHY GOING DOWN):  Currently a no-op, but still requires UPG.
  Doing an MTAPE 13 causes the "going down" message to be sent, but with "reason
  unspecified" until fancier things are implemented in IMPSER.MAC.  Perhaps we
  could implement this ourselves.
MTAPE 24 (UNWEDGE):  Now illegal.

IMPDEAD is replaced by IMPUP, with reversal in meaning.
All port numbers given by user are trimmed to 16 bits with no message.
No more gender mismatch errors.
Byte size other than 0 or =8 causes ILB error.
No more INTINR or INTINS interrupts.

Changes in error messages:

1.	 ASCIZ/NCP dead, UUO/
becomes	 ASCIZ/IMP dead, UUO/
at IMPLUZ (formerly NCDLUZ).

2.	 ASCIZ/Illegal socket in terminate, UUO/
becomes	 ASCIZ/Illegal port in terminate, UUO/

3.	 ASCIZ/NCP on, user=/
becomes	 ASCIZ/IMP on, user=/

4.	 ASCIZ/NCP already alive, UUO/
becomes	 ASCIZ/IMP already alive, UUO/

5.	 ASCIZ/NCP off, user=/
becomes	 ASCIZ/IMP off, user=/

6.	ASCIZ\IMP I/O without Request For Connection, UUO\
at NOCONN is gone.

7.	 ASCIZ/IMPBUG - IMPSER bugtrap!  Find TVR.  /
at IMPBUG is gone.

8.	 ASCIZ/Illegal user socket, UUO/
at NSCHEC is gone.

9. New message
	 ASCIZ/Illegal port in wait, UUO/